• Higher education in the languages of traditional national minorities plays a decisive role in the maintenance of Europe's cultural heritage and diversity and ultimately in the preservation of ethnic harmony. In order to study and share the achievements and practices of the universities involved, the Bolyai Initiative Committee, along with other institutions, organizes a conference on this issue.
  • Our aim is to initiate a comprehensive study and discussion, in order to spread the best practices available in this field. We would also like to explore why in some countries governments do not fulfill the aspiration of traditional national minorities for independent higher education institutions.
  • We would like to continue and to broaden the dialogue started at our first, virtual conference. We intend to provide a forum to the delegates of the European national communities to analyze potential problems in minority language higher education, and provide support for disadvantaged minorities.

Prof. Dr. Zoltán KÁSA
Conference President

Assist. Prof. Dr. Lehel KOVÁCS
Conference Vice-President

Assist. Prof. Dr. Péter HANTZ
Conference Vice-President

The Conference program includes following sessions:

-Session 1. Minorities’ rights and possibilities to higher education in Europe.
-Session 2. Universities for national minorities and the Bologna process
-Session 3. Validation of common interests and the European Charta of Minority Language Higher Education.

Official Language

The working language of the Conference is English.