• Higher education in the languages of traditional national minorities plays a decisive role in the maintenance of Europe 's cultural heritage and diversity and ultimately in the preservation of ethnic harmony. In order to study and share the achievements and practices of the universities involved, the Hungarian National Council of Transylvania organizes a virtual conference.
  • Our aim is to initiate a comprehensive study and discussion, in order to spread the best practices available in this field. We would also like to explore why in some countries governments do not fulfill the aspiration of traditional national minorities for independent higher education institutions. The conference would provide a forum to analyze potential problems in minority language higher education and provide support for disadvantaged minorities.
  • As a first step, we would like to gather information and establish a database of the specific systems and practices of the participating institutions of higher education. This database will further enhance professional cooperation among the participating universities. After the completion of the database, we would like to invite the representatives of the universities to an online discussion, where they could make suggestions and share information with other participants on their particular strengths and problems, as well as consider further initiatives such as a possible European Charta of the Higher Education in Traditional Minority Languages
Assoc. Prof. Barna BODÓ ,
Conference President,

Assist. Prof. Péter HANTZ ,
Conference Vice-President,
Secretary of the
Hungarian National Council of Transylvania